NEW! (K) Robin

She's from a city in Korea that isn't Seoul or Busan - she told me the name 3 times but my brain was so fried I couldn't process any information.

She is quite tiny at around 155cm and 45 kg, but she is a true pocket rocket - a total sex machine - toned, fit, and dangerous.
Firm thighs, hips and bum, toned tummy and C cup boobs (enhanced).
Beautiful soft smooth skin and a big porn star tattoo.
Very pretty face ( a bit of the korean cosmetic surgery, but not too much).
Beautiful smile with the Japanese style yaeba smile and sexy vampire tooth.

Recently arrived in Sydney but definitely a very experienced girl.
Very friendly and sweet and GFE, but also very cheeky, naughty, and "bad".
Definitely a party girl type, with a cheeky, "bad girl" style, but actually very, very sweet once you get to know her.
Fantastic skills and likes to dominate at first, but once you get to know her she becomes a kitten and will do anything to please you.

Great kisser; DFK from beginning to end.
Waxed pussy and loves a good licking.
Very responsive; some genuine, some performance but always 100% with you.

Fantastic BBBJ.
Lots of teasing and build up and a genuine deep throater.
She has so many little tricks and variations with her lips, tongue, and throat - amazing!

Wild fuck!
Very active and 100% energy and commitment.
Very tight pussy and strong pussy muscles too.
But can still take a good drilling in every position you can throw at her.

Very active and energetic girl and put even more energy into round 2 than round 1.

Fantastic girl.
So much fun to be with her.
Her cheeky sense of humour, and naughty personality, her 100% energy and commitment, her sweet friendly nature, and her wild porno sex.
Just a really great girl - a must see.