-Attitude: 8/10 , she seems rather shy, for some reason, all is good, friendly small talks but doesn't keep talking non stop. Perfect English so makes things easy
-BJ was decent 7/10, nothing special to report
-Action part was good 8/10, not the typical AV moaning type, it was sort of GFE, tried a few positions and then I got tried (not her fault, been a long day) so she worked hard to get the load out with a HJ
-Value for money 8/10, I have not had a sub $200 punt this good for months.
-Hotness/looks 9/10, now don't take my word for it, this is very subjective, if you only like K Pop type and found Lucy Liu ugly, she is not the WL for you. I personally found her exotic and steaming hot


Kristen is a bit shy, but nice company, and I felt she was happy with a boyfriend approach (gentle and slow).

Nice girl, good body, great DFK. Thanks.



I wasn't going to write this ar. But she is like a renaissance painting. For me she is an embodiment of beauty of womanhood. Beauty in is prime.

I'm haunted by the notion she's in somebody else arms the next hour. 

To me you dont have sex with such a creature... You make love to her. You create passion. You create memories burnt in throws of sweat.

And Christine should you read this, thank you. Thank you for the memories.


Let's do Kristine (do I spell correct now?) today! because tomorrow is V's day :/