There was no FOAM, but it was little more PSE than I am used to. I would enjoy to see Nova again, without my putting her under the pressure of an earlier start than she was rostered for. She was a real trooper and made me feel warm and relaxed in her company.

Nova is a very beautiful sexy woman, I actually enjoyed the session immensely, because Nova has a ready laugh, smile and giggle.
I think a second visit is in order to see if I can get more of a GFE on the next visit. There’s nothing like surprising someone by making them start work way earlier than they have to - she didn’t look or act annoyed, or pissed in any way, but I think more planning on my part may gain even better rewards.

I highly recommend Nova, she is different than the usual young Chinese WL in that she comes across as having level of sophistication that you cant be aware of or see when you watch her pics/video.

Thank you M5 for the sexy Super-Nova, and thank you Nova, your patience and attitude were fantastic - no thanks to me.
No thanks to me because I felt like such an asshole, that it could have ruined the session, but Nova made sure it didn’t