As a legal bordello, N5M can only charge the "Sex Service Providers" (Room Hirers) for the use of the rooms.

We CAN NOT direct what services the "Sex Service Providers" should provide to you as they are all INDEPENDENT SERVICE PROVIDERS.

Sex Service Providers (Room Hirers to us) are the person actually providing you with all their personal services and as such they will charge you according to the level of services they provide to you.

The following "Rates & Services" is ONLY a General Guide as each individual provider can charge their rates according to their own prerogative. (We recommend you discuss with them directly).

Room Hire Rates (Paid by Service Providers)
Duration of Hire Rate
30 Minutes $30
45 Minutes $30
60 Minutes $30
Over an Hour Negotiable

Services Providers Rates + Room Hire Rates (You pay to the Service Providers) Please note that some service providers charge differently.
Tier Service 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
1 Standard $100 $140 $160
2 Premium $130 $170 $190
3 Diamond $150 $200 $230

Tier Information
1. A plain vanilla sexual experience.
2. A more intimate sexual experience.
3. A “Girlfriend Experience” style sexual service.

* ALL sexual services are provided directly by the individual sex service providers.
* ACTUAL services could vary from individual to individual.
* It is most important that you as the user of the sex services should discuss clearly with the service providers as to the actual services that you wish to receive from them.
* We only provide the rooms to the Service Providers who in term provide their individual services to you.